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Barbed Wire 14kt
  • Barbed Wire 14kt

    SKU: 0484171270

    This Threadless 14kt Yellow Gold Barbed Wire is TOUGH AF. Comes in three different options: single barbed wire, double barbed wire, and triple barbed wire. Cause why not!


    Single measures: 3.3mm x 2.1mm

    Double measures: 5.6mm x 2.8mm

    Triple measures: 7.9mm x 2.8mm


    Universal 25 gauge pin, fits threadless flatback posts, threadless curved barbells, and threadless barbells.


    Made from solid nickel free 14kt Gold.

    Made by Divinity Metals in California.


    Threadless posts are not included. Sold as a single.


         PLEASE CONSIDER: Unless measured and inserted by a professional piercer, we cannot guarantee the fit of your jewelry. Make sure you know the gauge and length needed, as all jewelry is final sale.

    PriceFrom C$85.00
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