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Amus offers the following services:


Basic and Advanced Body Piercing


Ear Styling and Curation

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call: 778-440-1669


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Amus Beasto

With a career spanning since 2005, Amus is the Senior Piercer and proud owner of Proper Poke Piercing and Tattoo, dedicated to the transformative art of body modification.

Passionate about body piercing, Amus encourages questions and engages in discussions about procedures, aftercare, and techniques. Their joy lies in the transformative process, creating a safe environment for self-expression, healing, and personal milestones.

As a proud Association of Professional Piercers member, Amus is certified in Emergency First Aid, CPR, and Blood Borne Pathogens Infection Control. Continuous learning is key, with Amus staying at the forefront through World Health Organization courses and active participation in online education and collaboration with industry professionals.

Starting the piercing journey in Vancouver in 2005, Amus evolved skills through apprenticeship training from experienced peers. Studying under Fakir Musafar, the Father of the Modern Primitive Movement, adds a historical touch. Regular attendance in APP classes and seminars ensures Amus stays well-versed and up-to-date on the latest industry techniques

In 2021, Amus achieved a dream by opening an eco-friendly studio, reflecting a commitment to artistic expression and environmental sustainability.

Outside the studio, Amus enjoys quality time with furry companion Rocket, exploring life's vibrant experiences, from shows to culinary delights.


Thank you for being a part of Amus's journey at Proper Poke Piercing and Tattoo. We look forward to welcoming you to our safe, creative space!

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