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We stock high quality, implant grade jewelry from:

 JunipurrNeometal, People's of California, BVLA, Anatometal

Buddha Jewelry Organics, Gorilla Glass, LeRoi Fine Jewelry, Body Gems, and more.

Our inventory is always changing to keep up with the current trends.

​We carry both internally threaded

and threadless implant grade Titanium and Gold.

We have a limited selection of implant grade Surgical Steel

and Niobium. We carry larger gauge glass jewelry from Gorilla Glass.

We carry a variety of genuine stones, as well as crystals to choose from.

We have a wide assortment of hoops and rings.

We stock ethically made solid 14kt and 18kt Gold, in yellow, white, and rose.

All jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty against any manufacture defects! 


Gold starts at around $70 per piece, but prices can vary greatly.

Titanium starts around $20 per piece, but will vary.

Threadless Titanium Posts are $20 per piece.

Custom Orders:

We also do custom orders, if you require something more specific.

For custom orders, we will require a  prepayment in full.

Click the link below to view our online jewelry shop.

We ship worldwide and our inventory is constantly increasing.


Click the button below to see our downloadable

jewelry and aftercare guide

To learn more about appropriate jewelry for initial piercings, visit the Association of Professional Piercers website.


There are no refunds or exchanges on jewelry, for hygiene purposes. Make sure you know the appropriate gauge and size needed when purchasing jewelry online or without the assistance of a piercer. Should the jewelry become damaged due to a manufacturing defect, bring it back to us and we will exchange it, as our jewelry has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects!


This does not include: chains and charms (due to their delicate nature), general wear and tear, misuse or mishandling, or damage to threadless pins. If you do not know how to insert your jewelry, book in with us and we can show you how it works!

How to use Jewelry

Please refer to these infographics from our friends at Neometal and Junipurr.

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