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Tam offers the following services:


Custom Tattooing

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Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Prince Edward Island, Tam has brought her passion for tattoo artistry to the vibrant community of Victoria, having relocated from Prince George. Tam is a versatile artist who appreciates all styles of tattooing, with a special fondness for both traditional and neo-traditional designs.

Tam welcomes walk-in tattoos Monday through Friday, when she isn't already booked.

When Tam isn't crafting beautiful tattoos at Proper Poke, she is out on adventures with her two furry companions. Tam's love for exploration extends beyond her artistry, as she enjoys scouring for unique rocks to add to her collection.

Discover the fusion of passion, creativity, and adventure with Tam at Proper Poke. Whether you're seeking a spontaneous walk-in tattoo or planning a custom-designed piece, Tam is dedicated to making your experience truly memorable.

for more recent work and to keep updated, follow Tam on instagram

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