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Nicole Nowicki

Nicole Nowicki offers the following services:


Illustrative Custom Tattooing

To book an appointment with Nicole:


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Nicole Nowicki

Nicole offers custom illustrative tattooing and is a friendly upbeat tattooer who loves to provide a comfortable experience.

She is passionate about creating anything from ornamental, botanical and nature inspired tattoos that catch the eye. Nicole enjoys tattooing in various styles but primarily sticks to illustrative black & grey, dot-work, and occasionally some muted colour work that bends toward neo-traditional.


She personally loves to spend time outdoors gardening, growing, foraging, and learning about the all the neat individual plants that are out there. So your in good hands if your looking for a plant tattoo. She is more then happy to do the research for your project!


Nicole opens her books and schedules appointments and in 2-3 month increments to make things manageable. There will be a form available on her website when books are open to submit a request for custom or flash tattoo work. Her schedule fills up fast each round so to keep up with the openings please check out her website and social media.

for more recent work and to keep updated, follow Nicole on instagram

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