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Piercing Info

Our piercing service fees do not include the price of the jewelry, therefore prices will vary, depending on what you choose. We carry a wide selection of implant grade jewelry approved for use by the APP. You can read more about our jewelry here. Most of our stock is available on our online store here, however we do not have our full selection online.


We pierce ear lobes on kids at 8 years old and up.

Minors between the age of 8 and 12 require a free consultation first.


For people aged 13yrs and older, we pierce ear lobes, helix, conch, septums, and nostrils. With parental consent and valid photo ID from BOTH parties.

At 16yrs and older, with valid photo ID, you can sign for yourself for most piercings; except what is listed below.


Nipples, daiths, tongues, bridges, surface anchors, and genital piercings,

 are 18yrs and older with valid ID.

We need your ID every time you fill out a waiver form, even if you have shown it on a prior occasion. If you do not provide proper ID, we will not be able to pierce you and your deposit will be retained. Read more about our ID policies here.


When getting multiple ear cartilage piercings in the same sitting, the service fees are discounted by $20.

There are no service fees to downsize your jewelry during the healing process, when you purchase jewelry from our studio.


Jewelry changes and insertions are $10.


We will install and change outside jewelry for a service fee of $15, as long as it is of proper size, material and in good condition.

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