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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk in?

Walk in tattoos can be accommodated sometimes! We can accommodate walk in piercings and jewelry changes, if we have time. To ensure a piercing appointment, we recommend booking online or calling the shop. No appointment is needed to browse or purchase jewelry.

Is there an age restriction for tattoos?

Yes, we tattoo at 18 years of age and older. No exceptions.

Do you pierce babies' earlobes?

The youngest we will pierce is 8 years old. We require a consultation first, these are free. 

What is a piercing deposit for?

A deposit is needed for all appointments. This comes off the price of your service. If you are over 5 minutes late, don't show up, or cancel with less than 24 hours, your deposit will be forfeit. You will need to book a new appointment with a new deposit. Please call the shop if you have any questions.

Can I go swimming with a fresh piecing?

Swimming after a new piercing is not recommended. This is due to potential bacteria in the water, which poses an infection risk. It is best to wait at until you are fully healed or at the veryl east 8 weeks after you have been pierced.

Can I get a piercing or tattoo after pregnancy?

We suggest waiting at least 3 months after delivery of your child to allow your body to recover from pregnancy and childbirth and to allow your immune system to return to normal.

For nipple piercings, you should wait three months following the cessation of breast milk production.

What form of payment is accepted?

We prefer payment via cash and debit cards. We will also accept credit cards, however it is not preferred.

Is there an age restriction for piercings?

Most piercings require you to be at least 16 years of age with valid government issued identification at the time of your piercing. Anyone under the age of 16 requires a parent or guardian present to sign for them and only specific piercings are available. Both parties must present photo id or legal guardianship papers, with photo id. (not all piercings are available for minors, so please contact the shop for additional information, or click here)

We need your ID every time you fill out a waiver form, even if you have shown it on a prior occasion. If you do not provide proper ID, we will not be able to pierce you and your deposit will be retained.

Can I make my own salt water to heal my piercing?

Homemade salt water mixtures are no longer recommended. The saline has to be sterile, and 0.9% sodium content, to properly irrigate your piercing. This is not able to be achieved at home. 

What kind of ID is accepted?

We require a valid government issued photo ID.  We need to see a photo and a birthdate. This includes: passports, ID cards, Drivers Licences, care cards with school id, or birth certificate with school id. For legal guardians, we need to see legal guardianship papers. You must show us ID before each service, even if you have been here before. If you do not have ID, we won't be able to pierce or tattoo you.

Can I bring in my own jewelry?

For a new piercing, we will use the high quality sterile jewelry at the shop. For jewelry changes, we can install outside jewelry, as long as it is a proper size, material and condition.

Is it safe to get a piercing or tattoo while nursing?

With the exception of a 3-month delay after giving birth, we do not find increased risks in getting pierced or tattooed while nursing. The body is not under the same type of demands as during pregnancy.

The exception is nipple piercings. We suggest waiting for three months following the cessation of breast milk production before piercing of the nipples.

Can I bring a friend?

We have limited space in the shop, so please don't arrive in a large group. It is one at a tine in the piercing booth. Exception: 1 parent/guardian must be present, with id, to sign for a minor.

Is jewelry included in the piercing fee?

The cost of jewelry is not included in the piercing fee, basic titanium suitable for a healing piercing starts at around $20 per piece.

Do you use guns to pierce?

Never. Piercing guns are bad, for too many reasons to list. We use sterile, single use piercing needles, which are immediately disposed of after use.

Can I be pierced with a hoop?

We will use studs to heal your initial piercing. Most piercings heal the best with studs, with the exception of Daiths, Septums, and some lip placements. After your initial healing period, it is safe to switch to a hoop/ring. We want you to have the safest and quickest healing period possible.

Is is safe to get a piercing or tattoo while pregnant?

The short answer is no.


The body’s immune system undergoes serious changes during pregnancy. These changes have a negative effect on a healing piercing and tattoo. There is also a slight risk that if you experience a complication, such as an infection, that your pregnancy or fetus would be negatively affected. While the chances are very slim, it’s just not worth the risk.

What is your jewelry return policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges on jewelry, for hygiene purposes. Make sure you know the appropriate gauge and size needed when purchasing jewelry online or without the assistance of a piercer. Should the jewelry become damaged due to a manufacturing defect, bring it back to us and we will exchange it, as our jewelry has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects!


This does not include: chains and charms (due to their delicate nature), general wear and tear, misuse or mishandling, or damage to threadless pin. If you do not know how to insert your jewelry, book in with us and we can show you how it works!

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