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What is an eco-conscious studio?

We are proud to be an eco-conscious piercing and tattoo studio. We are committed to using products within our studio that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.  

The piercing and tattoo industry relies heavily on single use products, most of these products are made from plastics. Here at Proper Poke, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and our environmental impact.  Therefore, we proudly use ethically sourced, sustainable, biodegradable, and plastic free supplies!


To further our mission, we have teamed up with Tree Nation, a world wide tree planting platform to offset our carbon emissions. Tree Nation helps us offset emissions directly related to our team and studio, by planting 2 trees per staff member, per month.  For example, the emissions this website generates, short distance travel and the electricity the studio uses. We currently off set 14.4 tons of carbon emissions per year! Neat!


We also plant one tree per client, per service! 

When you get a piercing or a tattoo from us, we plant a tree in your honour!

If you wish to keep track of the Proper Poke Forest, please click the link below!

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